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Angela Marie MacDougall
Angela Marie MacDougall
I believe that even more than hope, that by breathing in inspiration, that holding tight to dreams will deepen the heartbeat of resistance and the power behind a revolution.

Living a feminist life mostly entails asking questions grounded in an ethical baseline on how to exist, how to live our best lives in a context where white supremacy, where colonization, where patriarchy, where capitalism and where misogyny thrive embedding inequality.

Where this inequality permeates every home, every institution, every law, every social structure.

Feminist living manifests in the ways we move beyond ideology into action finding ways to support those who are not supported or are marginally supported by social systems, by the application of policies, by the access to “justice”; living a feminist life involves actively confronting colonial (HIS)tories that are now entrenched like concrete walls.

It’s the way we fight for justice, for the land, for the future generations. Living a feminist life is the daily resistance to anti-Blackness as it merges with misogyny within Canada. Living a feminist life means recognizing Indigenous women had the vote 500 years before European women fought as suffragettes.

Living a feminist life understands that within and under these colonial ideologies women are stratified along various social structural lines which would see the “youngest” among us presuming leadership.

Living a feminist life is to be conflicted about feminism because of the “waves”, the academics, the “liberals”, the “radicals” and all that are vying for superiority within an anti feminist and non feminist world.

About Angela Marie MacDougall

Professional Bio

Through her community-based organizing, frontline work and activism over three decades, Angela Marie MacDougall has been deeply involved in movements for social justice.

Since the nineties, Angela has developed training curricula from an intersectional and anti-oppression framework while her work as a trainer with community-based organizations, systems players, universities and in the larger public sphere has always emphasized the influence of a community-based response toward gender, racial, economic justice.

Angela’s impact includes development of empowerment and advocacy-based program and service delivery models that address gender-based violence and violence against women that are grounded in strong theoretical frameworks that include feminist trauma-informed analysis that integrate the role substance use and mental wellness.

Angela Marie MacDougall has edited and/or written ten manuals on addressing gender-based violence and violence against women from an intersectional anti-oppression feminist framework and has spoken to hundreds of groups throughout Canada, the United States and in China. An ever present theme and focus of her work has been the range of social inequities and environmental problems associated with colonization and the generalized criminalization of communities of colour that are most affected by poverty and racial discrimination. Her parents met in the Black community known as Hogan’s Alley that in the seventies was razed by Vancouver City Hall, so her work grows directly from her own experiences as a bi-racial Black woman who grew up amongst violent racist misogyny both at home, at school and in the larger community while and she became politicized to end violence against women after her high school friend was raped and murdered while on a date. She also has conducted extensive participatory action research on numerous aspects relating to gender, race and violence.

Angela Marie MacDougall is a founding member of Feminists Deliver, a provincial organization dedicated to shedding a light on the urgent issues facing marginalized communities in British Columbia and the grassroots struggles leading the way for transformative change while build transnational connections between grassroots intersectional feminist movements; and re-envisioning the global women’s agenda as one that centers a diversity of grassroots intersectional feminist voices. She is a long standing member of Vancouver’s February 14th Women’s Memorial March, the first women’s memorial march was held in 1992 in response to the murder of a woman in the Vancouver neighbourhood named the Downtown Eastside. Angela is founding member of Intersectional Feminist Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative that brings together researchers, academics, data and policy analysts, students and community organizers to provide critical research, data, policy and strategic support for the ending violence, gender equity and social justice movements. Ms. MacDougall was named a Remarkable Woman by the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Magazine named her one of Vancouver’s most powerful people.

You can find Angela on Twitter @_AngelaMarieMac

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Battered Women’s Support Services
Executive Director,

Feb 14th Women’s Memorial March
Committee Member, 1994-Present

Feminists Deliver
Founding Member, 2018-Present

Intersectional Feminist Research Justice Collaborative
Founding Member, 2019-Present