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All trainings are rooted in a decolonizing, intersectional feminist analysis and are designed to strengthen the web of support within our communities, support empowerment of women while working for social, institutional, and systemic change.

Training is offered in person, over the phone, and online.

Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression and Ending Gender Violence

Intersectional Discourses on Gender Based Violence

Intersectional Discourses on trauma informed practice

Gender Violence, Substance Use, and Mental Wellness

Trauma informed empowerment frameworks for effective responses.

Theoretical Framework to Understanding Gender Violence

Colonization, white supremacy, misogyny, patriarchy and capitalism, as well as, the “cradle to the grave” experiences of gender violence enacted daily on the bodies of girls women, trans and gender non-binary people.

Geography, Law, and the Trifecta of Domination

Colonization, Patriarchy, and White Supremacy. Contemporary Expressions of Gender Violence.

Thank you Angela for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and time. This was my third time listening to you present and I admire how you always generate critical discussions!

– Rachel

Thanks for sharing such an insightful presentation with our class. Your training gave me lots to think about and I really appreciated your historical analysis.

– Justine

Angela, thank you for your time and powerful training. I was extremely grateful for your presentation back in my undergrad studies, and now again in my graduate studies. I so appreciate your insight, critical analysis and discussions of historical context. Thank you for all your devoted effort in the community and advocacy for the safety and wellbeing of women & girls.

– Kristina G

Thank you Angela for your fierce, unapologetic training. I was impatient to have a class about feminism, and your intersectional approach was fantastic. I learned a lot, it was very inspirational!

– Marianne R

Thank you Angela for sharing your passion and commitment to social justice with us. You are a great example of what social work can look like.

– Jess


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